Finishing of interiors, living quarters and turnkey houses

About us

Our concept is the result of many years of cooperation between the manufacturers of Stratus and Ader Meble furniture with companies from the finishing and interior design industry.

Several dozen years of joint interior design projects have allowed us to gain valuable and irreplaceable experience. Thanks to our work, we have developed something invaluable – contacts and relationships with many interior design companies, designers and contractors.

We know that interior design and finishing is a long process that can be optimized thanks to proper management and organization. Therefore, now we decided to combine our knowledge and experience into something unique – the concept of companies that complement each other in the process of interior design and finishing. A service that will save you not only time but also money.

We will design the apartment and commercial space and we will finish them. We will carry out and supervise the entire process from the first sketch, through the first blow of the hammer, to sweeping away the last dust.

By choosing this solution, you get not only a project tailored to your needs and capabilities, but also the constant care of the project coordinator and access to the highest quality materials.


We present packages: Basic, Optimum and Premium.

Basic package

Our basic BASIC interior finishing package was created for those customers who expect a design tailored to their needs, good quality materials, care and attention to every detail in arranging space at a reasonable price.

Optimum package

The OPTIMUM interior design package is aimed at slightly more demanding customers and investments. As part of it, extraordinary projects will be created that will turn into unique spaces finished with high-quality materials.

Premium package

The type of PREMIUM packages has been prepared with high-budget investments in mind. The most demanding customers can count on an individual and innovative approach to interior design.

What makes us stand out? We are flexible! We will never be confined within a framework. Even our own packages. Therefore, each of them can be extended and modified.

Importantly, the predetermined budget is sacred to us – we never exceed it.

Choose the best offer for your interior and wallet!

For these projects, we use only the highest quality materials, also on special request.