Medical furniture

Medical furniture is a separate type of furniture that has special features. This type of equipment requires compliance with health and safety regulations and compliance with restrictive requirements, as well as having approvals.  For this reason, medical furniture is a separate category of equipment in which we also specialize. Due to the specifics of their use – we made sure that they were made of materials conducive to maintaining complete sterility of all flat surfaces. Taking into account the specificity of a given place, as well as the conditions resulting from the nature of our business, we will choose solutions that will allow for an aesthetic, modern and, above all, functional development of the office. Due to many hours of work in a sitting position, the choice of armchairs and chairs is important. When choosing a chair, it is worth betting on comfortable, leather swivel models with adjustable seat height and backrest inclination. It is very important that medical furniture is easy to maintain and keep clean. In addition, cabinets should be adapted to store medical devices and patient files. We offer our clients built-in wardrobes for archiving documents, storing items, as well as tailored to individual needs. The body we offer, thanks to its solid construction, is a practical solution for many years of intensive use.



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