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    Primus is a high quality employee furniture system at an affordable price. A wide selection of lockers, offices and extra beds will meet all the requirements of a modern office. Ergonomics and functionality will be used in every company.

    Partition walls

    Partition walls and panels are perfect for


    Office furniture made to order

    The furnishing of the room with office furniture, ensuring high comfort, primarily includes sturdy and functional office desks and chairs . In addition, a container for …


    Office chairs

    Our offer includes comfortable office chairs with contoured backrest and adjustable armrests. Office chairs and …


    Adjustable office desk

    Desk with electric height adjustment-ideal for any person working at a desk. The desk has three degrees of …


    Reception desk

    They are a representation space, responsible for good first impressions and building positive relationships with the client or guest. Reception counters must be …


    Furniture for cabinet

    In our offer you will find furniture for the cabinet with a classic shape, straight lines and subdued colours or …


    Conference table

    An integral part of the room is a solid conference table, where board members or contractors can sit. Conference furniture is …