Partition walls

Partition walls and panels are perfect for open space office spaces, where the nature of the tasks performed makes it necessary to separate separate workstations. It is also a response to the current sanitary requirements. Such elements will fulfill their function also in offices where the minimum distance between work stations is less than 1.5 meters. These types of solutions will also work at home or in an apartment, if the household members want a separate area for work or leisure.

Our offer includes two models: Sonic and Viva. Undoubtedly, they are distinguished by a large selection of available colors – from classic black, through subdued gray, to expressive green – which allows you to adjust the appropriate color to the interior. But aesthetic appearance is not enough. Partition walls allow, above all, to separate separate zones in a large office space or at home.

And what is important – Sonic partition walls also protect against noise. The “A” acoustic class proves their highest sound absorption. On the other hand, the Viva model is distinguished by the fact that its panels rotate 360 ??°, which gives many possibilities of their arrangement. The Sonic and Viva partition wall models are available in various sizes. The size we choose depends on our preferences, as well as the possibilities of the interior of the office or apartment.