Made to order furniture

In terms of custom furniture, we mean furniture designed for rooms with unusual meter or layout. Custom buildings are most often used by entrepreneurs running their own shop, service parlour or people looking for unconventional and modern solutions in their home. We will also benefit from atypical construction when we have limited space, which we need to plan as best as possible. Furniture adapted to the room will allow it to be used optimally and arranged according to your preferences. We guarantee that our team of experts will carry out every order and give advice in case of doubt.

Multifunctional furniture

Ideal for small spaces, apartments and apartments. Innovative mechanisms to …


Kitchen furniture

We make kitchen furniture and kitchens for size. Available materials: furniture board, high gloss lacquered board, kitchen countertops – postformnig, granite, corian or …


Partition wall systems

Separate workstations for comfortable work are made possible by low partition walls located directly on …


Sliding and recessed cabinets

Recessed cabinets are a proven and practical solution. This type of building takes up a small amount of …